Congratulations, you are about to embark on the most amazing journey of your life.

These recommendations were one of my top reasons for starting More than Macaron. As a new Mom I asked friends for advice, searched the internet day and night, and spent countless hours reading about the best baby wipes, diaper rash creams, etc. You name it I researched it. For hours upon hours. Without further ado here is my ultimate baby registry guide.


I registered at amazon.com which I thought was great because you have access to everything and you can add from other sites, for instance Charlotte’s crib sheets and mobile came from The Baby Bedding Company and I was able to include them on my registry. I don’t know about you but only having to update one registry was very convenient for me. Amazon also has such competitive prices, offers a 10% completion discount, and if you are an Amazon Prime member like me you’ll have your goodies in two days time. Another bonus to Amazon is that you can register for books! And babies can never have too many books. See mine and Charlotte’s favorite books here.
They aren’t joking when they say that the Halo Sleep Sack is incredible. Charlotte used it since she came home and we all loved it. We chose to swaddle her with her hands close to her face which seemed to bring her added comfort. I recommend 2-3 sleep sacks. You always want a clean spare nearby.
The Aden and Anais swaddle blankets really are wonderful. I read reviews of people saying you can never have too many. Well, you can. We have six and that is plenty.
We use Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. I recommend starting with the 4 ounce bottles, especially if you are breast-feeding. Charlotte is breastfed and still only uses 4 ounce bottles at 10 months old. Actually, I cannot remember the last time she had a bottle, but in any case, 4 ounces have been perfect for us.
If you’re breastfeeding you’ll want an extra set of bottles and parts for your pump. The pieces and bottles take awhile to dry so it’s always nice to have a clean set ready when you are! While we’re on the subject, be sure to see if your insurance company covers your breast pump. Most insurance companies do. We were very grateful for a Medela breast pump through our insurance.
I did purchase a manual breast pump, the Medela Harmony, to keep in my diaper bag for times I was away from Charlotte for a short time or times she would only nurse on one side and we were away from home. It surprisingly worked really well!
I have a Boppy and My Brest Friend. Initially My Brest Friend was great for nursing. In fact the same day Charlotte was born my Mom made an emergency run to Buy Buy Baby to pick one up for me and brought it to the hospital. How much do we love our Moms? She was so tiny she would fall in between me and space created by Boppy. The Boppy is great for holding baby and having something to help support her. The older folks, like Great-Grandma, love it!
I use a Balboa nursing cover which has allowed me the freedom to nurse freely in public! I had again spent hours researching covers. I think theirs is great because you can see baby and that is really important when you’re beginning to nurse. I also use it while away from home to help Charlotte sleep as it creates a safe, covered space for her.
I must thank my friend Ceci for this amazing recommendation. When we first used it I thought it was weird and the nursery had a “red light district” feel, however, it really does work. Red is the longest wavelength so it doesn’t wake you up like a normal light does in the middle of the night. I put it in a little lamp in the nursery and turn it on when I go in there and you can still see, it’s just a different light that doesn’t light up the room like a normal light. Just trust me on this one and buy a red lightbulb for your nursery. This is one of my favorite photos of a rare moment in our home.
We love the Boon Lawn. I’m embarrassed to admit that I lost a lot of brain cells agonizing over whether to get the grass or lawn (grass is smaller) because I didn’t want to lose too much counter space. Just get the lawn. We fill it up with breast pump parts and bottle parts daily. The grass would not be big enough, not even close. You’ll also need a “twig” and “flower“. Again, just trust me on this one.
The chicco caddy hook on chair is wonderful. We use it outside on our patio table in the summer, took it with us to Florida to use in restaurants and at the home we were renting for vacation. Charlotte even uses it at Le Bon Macaron when it is hooked on to our counter. It washes like a dream and is just a great thing to have.
We purchased the Skip Hop Activity Gym and Charlotte started to use it immediately. The whale has a mirror underneath so like a typical girl she likes to look at herself. I think it’s great quality, washes very well and kept her entertained and learning early on. Today at 10 months old I caught her using the bars to help herself hold her balance while standing. Where has time gone?
The BabyBjorn One is wonderful. It’s the best out there because baby can face you, face outward and also go on your back. So you’ll get tons of use out of it for years. Charlotte loves it and so do Drew and I.
The Baby K’Tan I used when Charlotte was little. It’s great because you don’t have to do the whole wrapping thing yourself so I’m confident she’s not going to fall out. I’m Polish, I don’t trust myself with the wrapping business.
The 4Moms Mamaroo was always Charlotte’s favorite place to sleep during the day. She could swing for hours and hours.
If you could only buy one “toy” it would be the Baby Bjourn Bouncer. Charlotte still uses it! It’s compact which is amazing! All of your babies “stuff” takes up a lot of real estate. When I hop in the shower Charlotte bounces away in the bathroom. It’s perfect. Mine was a gift from a friend whose two children used it, and another mutual friend also used it for her son. So it has been used consecutively for the past 4 years! And it still looks brand new, and I’ve washed that sucker more times than I can count. Thanks Charlotte. In addition, if you weren’t already convinced, I was with my girlfriend this past weekend and even though this bouncer is pricey she said she’d gladly pay double she loves it so much! I agree. Now go pick one up for yourself and baby!
The Britax car seat I was told is hands down the best out there. I didn’t do much research because it came so highly recommended by everyone. And we love it. It’s really easy to use. You’ll want to purchase an extra base (it comes with one) to keep in your second car if you have one. It’s also a good idea for Grandparents to have their own base if they’re watching your child often.
Love the Baby Jogger City Select. We did a lot of research on this. It’s the best for a double stroller. We’ve always planned on having a second right away so I knew we’d need a double stroller sooner than later. You just purchase an additional seat and both kids can face forward, backward or one of each. I’m a huge idiot when it comes to putting things together and I’m so proud of myself for putting it together all by myself! It maneuvers so smoothly, has a lot of storage and seems to be so comfortable for Charlotte. Make sure you pick up this to go along with it! Because Mommas need a place for their coffee!
I’m obsessed with Olive & Marula Shea Moisture bath wash and lotion. I use it on myself, too. It’s natural and not filled with chemicals and smells so good.
Last but not least, if there is only one piece of advice you take away from this let it be WATER WIPES. They are amazing. No chemicals, they clean your babies bottom so well without harsh chemicals (Have you seen the ingredients in other name brand wipes?!? Yikes! I too had no idea!) and keep diaper rash at bay. I discovered them a month after Charlotte was born and I tell everyone I meet about them. Whether you have a baby or not. Chelsea uses them to remove her makeup at night, and I do, too. I purchase them by the case on amazon.com, but you can also find them at Target.
My other weapon against diaper rash is The Honest Company Healing Balm. Love, love, love it.
Do you have a favorite you’d like to share? Please let me know. We’re all in this crazy adventure together! And what an amazing adventure it is.